Stimulate Digestion & Flow | Rita Knorr – Fulcrum Blu Yoga

If you have bloating, cramping, and feel a tightness that impedes your digestive process, it might be best to stay close to the mat to create a bit of internal fire to stimulate greater digestive flow.
00:39 Belly Rub
01:25 Sukasana upper body moving in circles
02:13 Seated Cat – Cow
03:38 Childs Pose
04:46 Cat – Cow
05:52 Seated Twist – Marichyasana variation
08:14 Parsva Apanasana to Apanasana
11:05 Fetal Pose to Twist
13:39 Setubandha Sarvangasana – Bridge
14:45 Supta Baddha konasana & Belly Rub
16:07 Namaste

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