Strong flexible hands, fingers and shoulders: Finger Yoga | Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Benefit from stability and strength in your yoga practice when you engage and align the fingers and hands in poses –shoulder & neck stiffness is reduced, and you will have greater upper body freedom.
00:38 Anjali mudra hands- pulsing
01:32 Reverse Anjali mudra – pulsing
02:11 Finger web stimulation
02:42 Humble warrior – interlaced fingers
04:49 Parsvottanasana
06:44 Interlaced finger hand waving
07:16 Cobra (modified) on finger tips
08:38 8 point pose
10:13 Backside of hand stretch
10:38 Downward Dog
12:18 Fist to palm twist – ardha matsyendrasana base

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