Wheel Pose variations for stiff and cranky knees | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Have some knee concerns kept you from a full backbend practice that includes urdhva dhanurasana – get this high energy pose back into your sequence with some variations to alignment for more fullness and freedom in the pose.
01:24 Cobra variation to open shoulders and lengthen front body
02:12 Knees bent salambhasana to come to a form of bridge pose
03:14 3 legged dog for thigh stretch preparation
04:11 Ardha dhanurasana for a second quad stretch
05:30 Sphinx for upper chest opening
06:26 Passive chest opening suggestions
07:11 Bridge – Setubhunda Sarvangasana variations – feet wide apart
08:13 Wheel – hands wide, fingers externally rotated to full urdhva dhanurasana on tip toe

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Anusara yoga website: https://www.anusarayoga.com/

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